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We Are All Neighbors Bosnia - Disappearing World

In a Muslim / Catholic village near Sarajevo, rumors fly and suspicions spread. When Catholic Croats assert control, Muslim businesses are attacked, villagers arrested and harassed, and homes threatened. Three weeks later, neighbors who had been close friends for fifty years no longer speak to each other and the peaceful coexistence between Croats and Muslims disintegrates into mutual distrust and fear. From the Disappearing World series. Anthropologist: Tone Bringa. English subtitles are used when local dialects are spoken.

Mbira dza Vadzimu: Religion at the Family Level with Gwanzura Gwenzi

One of a series of films examining in detail the use of the traditional African mbira in the cultural life of the Mashona people of Rhodesia. Establishes the essential religio us background for further films in the series by examining the life of a man in his middle forties. He is seen in politically troubled Salisbury, Rhodesia, where he works as the head of the messengers' pool at Anglo-American. Shows some of his life at work in a western urban town and at home in the tribal lands on the weekend. He hosts an all-night bira, or spirit seance; the main expression of Shona religious ritual, at his home in the country. His sister is the family medium, his grandfather the spirit who possesses her, and the guests members of his family, past and present, and neighbors. Produced by ethnomusicologists Gei Zantzinger and Andrew Tracey.

Understanding Hindu Traditions

Visit historic Benares and see how a religious tradition, at least 5,000 years old, remains vital today. The major deities and their purposes are examined. ©1993


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